jQuery LavaLamp default element tests

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LavaLamp's order of precedence for starting hover location:
  1. startItem
  2. class="selected Lava"
  3. home element and returnHome is true
  4. location match with contained URI
  5. first element in list

1. startItem test

$('ul#manualtest').lavaLamp({startItem: 3});

2. selectedLava (& noLava) class tests

<li class="selectedLava"><a href="/projects/lavalamp/urltest/">trailing slash</a></li>

3. home element test

$('ul#hometest').lavaLamp({homeTop:100, homeLeft:100, returnHome:true});

URL Combination tests

Important note about automatic link matching: LavaLamp does its best to correctly match relative anchor links, eg. <a href="folder/file.html"> inside a set of menu items using the current page location information available from the browser DOM. However, for best results use absolute path links in your LavaLamp menu: eg. <a href="/folder/file.html"> (The forward slash at the beginning of the href link is what defines an absolute path.)

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